Mark-Making with Fabric Lenny

Batley Business & Enterprise Colllege     ::     Batley Girls’ High School     ::     Carlton J&I     ::     Field Lane JI&N

For Fabric Lenny everything starts with drawing – he just loves to draw! He’s also a big fan of people working creatively together – which is why his Change workshops were not just about ‘Mark-Making’ but ‘Collaborative Mark-Making’.

And he loves colour, projection, experimenting, and playing with the exciting possibilities that digital drawing offers, which made him the perfect choice of artist to work with three groups who chose Light as their science focus. They explored the changing qualities of light, experimenting with different art materials and light sources, using light and shadow to discover new ways of making marks…

The fourth group came up with some really exciting ideas for their States of Matter topic – they used freezing and melting ink to explore shapes, patterns and textures. Sounds messy, and it was!