Change 2015 Exhibition

Monday 29th June to Saturday 5th September 2015, Batley Art Gallery

Here’s a flavour of some of the artwork that was on show:

Some of the great comments from visitors:

“Wonderfully varied!”

“A really interesting exhibition. Well hung. Makes it very interesting to walk round. Well done all!”

“Absolutely outstanding. Wow! Well done to all”.

“Lovely colours and very inspirational. We are Fabric Lenny fans!”

“The best part of the exhibition was that it showcased young students’ work i.e. primary school age and it was impressive to see. Well done pupils and Batley Art Gallery!”

“I enjoyed it. My particular favourite is the Field Lane Juniors entry, Playing with Light – very interesting faces.”

“Thank you for sharing our children’s work. What a special and proud moment. I have explained how this does not happen every day.” Fieldhead Primary Academy

“Wow! Lots of great work all in one room.” Hyrstmount Junior

“The children were so proud to see their work and kept shouting out ‘here’s my work, …. here’s your work’. They were proud to tell other children and staff at school that their work was on display. The children were very interested to look at other children’s work too, after only seeing it on the Change website they were very impressed.” Teacher, Mill Lane Primary

“The art work was beautifully displayed and there was an amazing display of different skills and materials.” Teacher, Carlinghow JI&N

“I opened the doors to the exhibition and you could hear a chorus of ‘WOWs!’ The children were just amazed to see everyone’s work on display but especially loved seeing their own work. It was lovely to see the children complimenting other peoples’ work.” Teacher, Field Lane JI&N

“The look of pride and awe on the children’s faces when they saw their completed project was so nice to see. They spent a long time looking at how their individual pieces contributed to the overall effect.” Teacher, Park Road JI&N

“As I walked through the door I felt like this is in my dream. I couldn’t believe it! Our work mixed with other schools looked outstanding!!!” Jawad

“When I saw my own work I was amazed at how brilliant it was! I liked the detail on the seeds and stems. I felt at peace when I was looking at it.” Saudah

“I felt honoured to see all our artwork in a public place.” Faizah