Change 2014 Exhibition

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Children have been excited and proud to see their artwork in the gallery

Once I had seen everything I thought…how colourful the exhibition was, it was so amazing and welcoming, it made me feel happy. – Fatimah, 10

The thing I will remember most is…the Arabic printing and the diamond picture.  But all of them. – Maariyah, 9

The exhibition made me wonder…how creative people are. – Humairaa, 11

I wonder…how Batley Girls High School made the 3D pieces. – Scott, 8

As soon as I saw my work on display I felt…proud to have participated in such a fantastic piece of art. – Aniqa, 10

My overall feelings is…breathtaken. – Athsham, 11

During my time at the exhibition I…looked at all the different art and chose my favourite pieces to sketch. – Jacey, 9

The think I will remember most is..the seaweed picture and a rose drawing. – Layla, 10

One of the most interesting pieces…was the multi-coloured trees. – Ibrahim, 10

In my view…everything had colour which brings it to life. – Imaan, 11

I spent most time looking at…the triangular prisms. I wonder how they made all of them. – Chloe, 9

Seeing everyone’s work…I love how they have put so much effort it and I can tell they have worked so hard – Muskaan, 10

As soon as I saw the work on display I felt…so happy that I have produced something so good. – Amaan, 11

Seeing everyone’s work…I was truly amazed. Wow! – Aksa, 10

One of the most interesting pieces was…Warwick Road’s cubes. – Kye, 9

In my view…the work was unbelievably good. – Ammaarah, 10

I wonder…if we might be famous and our artwork will go to Cartwright Hall. – Aysha, 10

When I saw the art it just made me feel happy. – Zunaira, 9

The thing I will remember most is…the artwork that OUR class produced, it really is a sight to see. – Akha, 10

Once I had seen everything I thought…that everyone has done their very best – all the pictures were amazing. – Maja, 8

As soon as I saw my work on display I felt…astonished in a good way. – Iram, 10

During my time at the exhibition I…learnt how things change and why, and I also learnt that everything changes. – Faazah, 11

My favourite piece was…Lydgate’s A Sense of Place. – Memphis, 10

Seeing everyone’s work…makes me feel proud, like I can do anything. – Inaya, 9

As soon as I saw my work on display I felt…excited and amazed because it was in the centre of the room. – Ebrahim, 10

In my view…this is a great art gallery and lovely work. – Aliyah, 9

Seeing everyone’s work…makes me feel like I am a group with them and that we are part of the work. – Umar, 10

The best part of the exhibition was…all the origami. – William, 10

The exhibition made me wonder…maybe I should do more art work! – Callum, 9

Some feedback from visitors

Stepped into a kaleidoscope of colourful images. Artwork of children fits well with that of adults and evokes memories of days gone by. Reminds me we need to embrace the future but not let go of what we value from the past. – Cllr Peter O’Neill

Another very good and well presented exhibition. Excellent work by all involved.

I think your exhibits are beautifully displayed. The range of ideas is excellent. The idea of putting adult groups together with children is really good and exciting. I am here by chance – I’m from Barnsley.

Impressive exhibition. Lovely creative work.

Loved the exhibition – why hide it away? Can’t it or parts of it be shown in other public places? Supermarkets,surgeries, careers… – Marie Sutton, Australia

Overwhelming admiration for all the time and effort by all involved.

Wow. Nearly missed this great show. Mind-blowing displays yet simple ideas. Well done to everyone.