Change 2013 Exhibition

View images and comments from the final exhibition at Batley Art Gallery below

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Comments from visiting members of the public…

“Very good exhibition, very well presented.”

“This exhibition is fantastic. The work is of a very high standard and so diverse, it is clear that the whole community has worked together to create an amazing project.”

“A wonderful experience, that is a joy to look at. Children and artists working together in a world where art is not a priority is magical.”

“Loved the stunning panoramic picture of BGHS and rest of their artwork. Found all the work from the primary schools fascinating. We really need to support creativity in schools, creativity and innovation is our future.”

“A fantastic range of high quality work – very well done.”

“Excellent exhibition. Very imaginative work. The whole exhibition is very good. Lovely ideas – colours and textures. Love the textile work. Like the hanging postcards with the childs comments on the back. Artwork very good.”

“Fantastic ideas well displayed. The children were obviously inspired by the project and achieved some amazing results. What wonderful encouragement and sense of achievement they must have had. Great for their confidence and future development. Thank you for the enjoyment the exhibition has given me.”

“Very inspiring and colourful. Well done!! Thank you.”

“Another wonderfully lively and interesting exhibition. So much of the children’s artwork is excellent and the presentation enhances the quality.”

“Really good, well done, fantastic.”

“I like the art in here because the art is made by children.”

“Once again all your contributors have surpassed themselves. I think each year it cannot get any better, but it diversifies itself. Congratulations to everyone.”

“Wonderful exhibits. Lots of colour, such creativity and adventure, more please”

“What a brilliant exhibition.”

“I think this is a fantastic display of local children’s talent – amazing colours, designs and concepts. How brilliant that creativity is still evident. Well done everyone.”

“Wonderful pieces. Love how colourful everything is. Wish we’d done stuff like this when I was a kid. Keep it up!!!”

“Absolutely fabulous exhibition. Amazing talent from obviously amazing children. We should be thankful to the teaching staff for their enthusiasm and dedication to their role in nurturing children of today to reach their potential.”

“The felt pictures are amazing and the chrome map is fabulous. The film strips are fantastic and colourful. The drawings on the wall are fabulous.”

Comments from participating students…

“I feel incredibly proud and lucky seeing my very own art work in a public gallery.  I like the art work from all the different schools and the fact that a lot of schools participated in this project.”

“I feel really proud of myself and my school.”

“When I stepped into this room I felt very proud of myself because I’ve never had any of my work on display in an art gallery before.  I also felt happy because I thought I was a famous artist for a minute.”

“I felt astonished because my was in an actual art gallery.  It is where people will come and look at my own work.”

“I feel famous and proud.”

“I felt good to see my work on display because other people come to the gallery and when they see my work they will find it a work of art and might even find an inspiration in it.”

“I liked that we could see what all the schools have been up to and that we could see what amazing pieces of art they did.”

“My favourite school’s art work Is Mill Lane Junior, their art was photography.  I like the art work because it is unusual and it’s not every day you see unusual, and it is so real.”

“I feel very excited because I feel like an artist.”

“I feel overwhelmed and can’t wait for other people to see our work.”

“I like how it feels like I’m in a shop full of amazing brilliant work.”

“I feel emotional and proud.”