Carlton J&I – Feedback


What did you most enjoy about the museum visit?

“I enjoyed the Experiment hall the most because there was many interactive experiments to try out.”

“I enjoyed the Experiment hall because there was lots of fun and exciting things to do.”

“I enjoyed the Experiment hall as there was lots of exciting things to do.”

Which was your favourite exhibit and why?

“My favourite exhibit was the Tower of Hanoi because first it was impossible to complete but we finally managed the challenge.”

“My favourite exhibit was the never ending well because I knew how it worked. It had lights at the top then a mirror at the top from the reflection.”

“My favourite exhibit was the skeleton on the bicycle, you had to peddle and a skeleton would appear on the left side of you.”

What things did you learn about science at the museum?

“We learnt bubbles travel at different speeds depending on the liquid.  I learnt how people used to lift something very heavy a long time ago.  A man also showed us how the British Army used to crack codes.”

“I learnt how power was made by a water wheel.  Bubbles travel at different speeds depending on the liquid.  A mirror could make an optical illusion.”

“I learnt how bubbles travel depending on the liquid. I also learned that power came from water and steam.”