Birstall 2019

Artist: Jackie Harrowsmith | Cummins Engineer: Alison Stevens 

Class Group: Year 4 |  Subject: States of Matter & Sound

Sessions 1 & 2 – February 2019

In the change project, we were working with glass which can be dangerous, so we made sure that we were safe by carefully following instructions. We did something called bubble printing to collect the pattern of bubbles on paper. Next, we decorated a strip of glass to represent the patterns of the ocean. We used copper oxide and copper foil.  To help us with our ideas we looked at Artist’s pictures and thought about the patterns and colours of the water. We also made embossing patterns on the foil for our fish and decorated a square piece of glass to represent all the colours and different types of fish in the ocean. When had finished, Jackie took our work to put into a kiln.

The bubbles are all on top of each other! That’s a massive one!

This embossing is hard but the fish looks lovely, I like all the patterns

This is black now but Jackie said the black paint will turn all blue and bubbly, I can’t wait to see it!


Session 3 – March 2019

In the Change Project, we used oil pastels to colour in a scraper card in all different colours. Then we coloured black over the top and finally, with tweezers, we carved patterns so it looked like coral. The final thing we did in the afternoon was decorate a piece of glass by covering the piece in copper oxide that looks black but when in a kiln it turns blue and bubbly. We also decorated it with glass frits that were loads of pieces of glass in different colours.

During the Change Project, we talked about the coral reef and how to look after it. We had to make fish so we got a piece of card each and had to colour it with oil pastels. Next, we coloured it with black pastel on top of the colours and scratched this off with tweezers to make the shape of a fish and coral. We also made some more glass and used a new thing called stringers. We used these to make coral.

Session 4 – March 2019

For our last session of the Change Project, we did something called marble printing, we put coloured ink into some water and dipped paper into it to create a beautiful pattern. After this, we made a piece of glass based on sea life for our big display. The pieces of glass we created will go with the other two we created to create a piece of art to hang in Batley Art Gallery.