Batley Grammar Secondary 2019

Artist: Jackie Harrowsmith | Cummins Engineer: Rhiannon Morris-Todd 

Class Group: Year 7 |  Subject: States of Matter

Session 1 & 2 – February 2019

Today was awesome! We worked with Jackie, a fused glass artist and Rhiannon, a scientist from Cummins. Jackie showed us some examples of glass with different metals trapped inside and lots of blue bubbles made from copper oxide. She explained that these are inclusions in glass. Jackie was really impressed with our understanding of the different states of glass. Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen and we decided to use copper oxide to represent him in our glass work. We tried out our own designs based on WW1 figures and also learned how to safely use powder frit. We had to wear a dust mask and goggles whilst working. We can’t wait to see how it looks!


Session 3 – February 2019

Wow! Our glass is amazing! Jackie showed us our glass that has been fully fused in the kiln. It fused at around 800 C. We discussed the changes of state of the glass and the inclusions trapped inside. This gave us some ideas for our collaborative lighting piece. We each have a shard of glass like a jigsaw piece and using inclusions and glass frit we created our designs. We are trying to include images and techniques to represent different scientific discoveries, especially by women. Rhiannon explained why design, make, test, review is an important process at Cummins and what it is like being a female scientist.

Session 4 – March 2019

‘The workshop that we had was one of the best days of my life. Brilliant. Brilliant. It was just brilliant. I couldn’t believe it. We had fun whilst learning through the subjects of Art and Science. We learned about female WWI scientists through science and we learned about different art techniques.’

‘In the change project, I have learnt a lot new knowledge but the main knowledge I have learnt is how glass is formed. Glass is formed from heating sand and then we designed our own pieces of glass, and the glass with the materials: glue, mica, aluminium foil, copper pieces, copper sulphate powder, copper wire, frit powder and dust frit. I felt very excited at the start and through the workshop I felt happy. My favourite part was using dust frit on our glass. I found breathing in the dust mask difficult. I enjoyed the workshop.’

‘I was really excited throughout the project as I was learning a lot about different material reactions. I enjoyed being able to design a few pieces of glass but my very favourite piece we created was an explosion of our choice. Throughout this project I have developed precision skills. The placement of materials was difficult to control but I am really looking forward to seeing the lighting we will create.’

‘The “Change Project” was amazing. I felt really excited and curious to what we were going to do before the workshops. During the workshops, I felt very happy and motivated. Throughout the past few workshops, I have learnt a lot about fused glass and what materials would stand out and look nice when they come out of the hot kiln. My favourite part of the workshop was when we were using a range of materials to decorate a piece of glass to create the side of a light. Overall this this was the most amazing school experience ever.’