Batley Grammar School Secondary 2020

Artist: Kim Searle | Cummins Engineer: Joshua Cronin

Class Group: Year 7 |  Subject: Energy, Earth, Waves & Organisms

Session 1 – February 2020

The first session went well and learners got very involved and displayed a great deal of creativity and innovation as well as following the task.  We had three different activities (mosaic, air dry clay and glue art) and some students were definitely more drawn to particular techniques than others, with some staying on specific activities longer than others to ensure they could finish their projects.  At the start of the session I put forward the idea that they could work together if they preferred, to create something collaborative, and a few students showed excellent teamwork creating pieces of mosaic together collaboratively.

Session 2 – March 2020

During this session students created abstract artwork in hexagonal shapes using layers of Jesmonite, resin and embedded objects as well as creating small pots.  They experimented with colours and layers of different types of jesmonite to replicate the layers of the earths crust which they’re studying in science.  They learnt about exothermic heat reactions emitted as the jesmonite sets and how to precisely measure and mix the materials.  The hexagonal shapes were also featured in the mosaic session and their final piece will be made up of individually made hexagonal pieces that fit together to make a whole, as hexagons often occur this way in nature.




Session 3– March 2020

In this session year 7s built on their experiments from the last two sessions to create their own small hexagon artwork using the material of their choice from Jesmonite, Clay, Mosaic and Glue Art.  They were assigned colours to create a group piece of work which will be combined in the next session.  The students created work with a great level of planning and confidence after their experiments and came out with some amazing results!