Batley Grammar School Primary 2020

Artist: Kim Searle | Cummins Engineer: Azadeh Eatessami

Class Group: Year 3 |  Subject: Energy, Earth, Waves & Organisms

Session 1 – February 2020

Year 3 students explored mono printing techniques with images of a Rainforest and the animals that live there, to coincide with what they’ve been learning about this term.  They were excited to draw and talk about their favourite animals and create some amazing prints. I was really impressed with their drawing abilities. They tried out some botanical printing too and created artwork with both techniques.  In the second half of the session they created big rainforest collages in groups with printed images and work they’d created earlier on.

This is so much better than normal lessons!

I really like this, I love making art.

It’s home time? No I want to keep going!

Distance Learning