Batley Grammar Primary 2019

Artist: Jackie Harrowsmith | Cummins Engineer: Mayank Malhotra 

Class Group: Year 3 |  Subject: Light & Forces

Sessions 1 & 2 – February 2019

This what Umar and Safah wrote about the workshop: 

On Wednesday we had a visitor. Her name was Jackie and she is an artist who works with fused glass. We had lots of fun! We designed and decorated glass strips and birds with frit, which is small pieces of coloured glass. We had to wear goggles and be very careful of edges when moving the glass. Our favourite part was decorating the glass strips, it was a lot of fun but it was quite tricky picking up the frit with tweezers! Next time we will be finishing the birds by adding the tail, wings and feathers – we can’t wait! 

Session 3 – March 2019

Jackie showed us our glass strips from the last workshop. We love them!!! We were able to choose one of them to take home. We added the feathers in different coloured glass and also the wings.

Mine is going in my garden to catch the light. Jackie said it would be really twinkly if I polish it first – that’s what I’m going to do.

Our birds are fabulous!

All the colours have melted into the glass and they are really bright and colourful.

This is going to be tack fused and that means the glass will be bobbly and not smooth. I’m so happy about my bird, the body is transparent but the wing and feathers are opaque.


Session 4 – March 2019

This was our last workshop with Jackie. We tried to design flowers like Dale Chihuly and then we put pieces of glass together in a flower shape and decorated them with frit and stringer. Today we also made a beetle with three pieces of glass for the head and body. We used symmetry for our bug and a very shiny special piece of glass to add glitter. All our glass pieces will be tied together like a curtain for our classroom window. It will be very special because we can see it from the inside and also when we are outside playing on the grass.

I used a yellow frit called a striker. The striker will change colour when it is fired and will be bright orange! I can’t wait to see it!

Our glass is so exciting!

I wish we could do glass all the time