Batley Girls’ High School – Feedback


“I learnt a lot of things about magnets and light. I got to explore magnets and see how they attract to each other or repel. I created different shadows with different lighting.”

” I really enjoyed learning about how an earthquake happens and how different machines are made and work. I found the museum fascinating and it was really exciting to experiment with things I did not know about.”

“I loved the air and space hall because it was amazing to see how cars and aeroplanes have changed over the years. I was also fascinated with how they work and the engineering of planes.”

“We learnt how our bones and joints help us to move our legs. We picked up weights which were either really heavy or light and it taught us about mass and weight. I liked that we had to use our senses for the experiments, like touch, smell, sound and sight.”

“I learnt that the Grasshopper engine got its name from a grasshopper because its movement is like the hopping of a grasshopper!”

“My favourite exhibit was the air and space hall because I learnt about helicopters from World War 1 and that they could only carry 18 soldiers or 3 tonnes of equipment.”