Batley Girls’ High School 2020

Artist: Ruth Fettis | Cummins Engineer: Jack Turnham

Class Group: Year 8 |  Subject: Photosynthesis

Session 1 – February 2020

Students learnt how to design and carve their first lino blocks and we printed two finished examples onto photocopied illustrations by Ernst Haeckel. The students found cutting the recycled marmoleum lino quite a challenge at first, however they are a great class and just got on with it, producing beautiful work. To make cutting the lino easier they all sat on their lino before carving, to warm it up. They worked hard and were engrossed in what they were doing throughout. Looking forward to our next workshop!

Session 2 – February 2020

I like my second Lino cut better than my first because I have got used to the tools and the cutting of the lino, I’ve enjoyed doing it

My first Lino design is fabric from Asia for our school wearable art topic, my second lino cut design  is of the distributor from an engine

Its difficult to carve out at first because the lino should be warmer, but we have been sitting on the lino to warm it up using our body heat and that helps a bit

I really like doing this and learning a new way to make art