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mosaicMOSAIC is a Batley-based community arts organisation and registered charity (number 1089445). Founded in 1998, its overall purpose is to bring people within the community together through the arts. In the years since Mosaic began it has provided a host of enjoyable social, recreational and educational activities for local people of all ages through many successful creative projects involving everything from crafts to film-making and exhibitions to family celebration events. Thanks to our very positive collaboration with Batley Girls’ High School, over the past few years Mosaic has been able to sustain a lively, regular programme of work with schools across the Batley/Birstall area which has included creative learning opportunities for both adults and young people.



Batley Girls’ High School is an Outstanding school with a reputation for excellent teaching and learning across all subject areas. Our specialist expertise in Visual Arts is exemplary and is nationally acclaimed.  Central to the school’s ethos is a strong commitment to community cohesion, and to developing links with partner schools and community groups in order to provide enriching and innovative educational opportunities. BGHS is proud to be working in partnership with Cummins Turbo Technologies to promote STEM learning and create developmental opportunities for students, through the Change project and  a wide range of  other initiatives. Find out more about us here



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