Printmaking & Drawing

Lydgate J&I  ::  Park Road JI&N  ::  Upper Batley High School  ::  Windmill Primary

Shelley Burgoyne worked with four groups on Printmaking & Drawing projects. Shelley has worked as an artist and teacher (specialising in printmaking, drawing, textiles and photography) for many years. Making art is very important to her – she believes that the artist’s imaginative approach can inspire new ideas and deepen people’s understanding of the world.  Shelley has taken part in many exhibitions and artist residencies.   She recently completed a residency in Venice, collaborating with scientists at Venice University to research the water life of the Venice canals.

Shelley loves teaching and working with groups, is enthusiastic about exploring new media, and enjoys using nature as an inspiration in her artwork.  This all made her very well suited to working with groups who chose to link their creative activities to nature-related Science topics such as Living Things, Lifecycle of Plants, and Food Chains and Microbes.

Through printmaking, drawing, textiles and bookmaking, Shelley’s groups explored some fascinating aspects of ‘change’: how science helps us understand and change our ideas about identity; the continuously changing anatomy of plants ; what happens in the cycle of growth and decay; and how microscopic research and scientists’ work have changed our view of the world.