Primary Science Day


Each year we partner every school group up with a group at another school, and encourage them to share their experiences, learning and creative work. In this way, Change provides a great opportunity for young people from different parts of Batley and Birstall to have ‘creative exchanges’ with each other.

We also arrange for the paired groups to meet up with each other on a ‘Study Visit’, with organised activities linked to the project’s themes. It’s a chance for young people to meet up who wouldn’t normally get to meet each other, as well as to have an exciting new experience which will add to their learning and provide extra inspiration for their creative work back in school.

This year’s Study Visits took the form of a Science Fair at Batley Girls’ High School. On 11th March the BGHS Science department hosted around 300 students from the 9 Primary schools taking part in Change 2016. The day offered children an exciting carousel of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities.

Pupils from Year 2 through to Year 5 took part in a whole variety of hands-on Science experiments which they would not necessarily have the opportunity to do at their own schools. In the Biology Room, children dressed up in organs tunics to identify where their organs are located in their bodies. They used microscopes to examine slides of cells. In the ‘bony bodies’ activity, children were able to use a skeleton model and examine the use of X-rays. The Chemistry themed room included a demonstration of custard behaving very strangely! Children were able to use cabbage leaves as a chemical indicator, and they all enjoyed spraying different chemicals towards a Bunsen burner while watching the flame change colour. Physics activities included a Hotwheels anti-gravity experiment, a Knex rollercoaster and a Big Wheel. The balloon helicopters proved a big hit, and everyone was able to take home their very own hologram maker.

Cummins Turbo Technologies staff supported the event throughout the day. Their presence really helped emphasise the importance of STEM subjects in industry.

We had some great feedback afterwards!

Hafsah, Zara and Saffah from Mill Lane Primary found the Chemistry activity interesting: “the cabbage could detect and change the colour of certain chemicals”.

Lewis, Haroon, Aleem, Uzayr and Muhammed from Lydgate JI&N said they found the fire activity especially interesting: “the fire looked cool when it changed colours”.   Their classmates Aaisha, Mariam and Samah liked the ‘fun fly stick’ activity “because we were using the power of force to make things float in the air”. Lydgate pupils also said “We enjoyed the chemicals, mixing different acids and alkalis creating various colours”.

Ms Owens, Year 3 teacher at Park Road JI&N, said: “It has given the children a ‘taster’ of lots of different areas of Science, which has raised lots of questions that we can explore more deeply back at school. All the children are engaged and keen to learn more.” As for the children themselves: Juwariah “enjoyed the fly stick because it flies up and about”; Kieran and Umar thought the hot wheel car activity was most interesting, Humairaa enjoyed the cabbage investigation “because of the interesting colours”, and Zubair learnt some useful things about custard: “your finger in custard it sinks if slow, but the custard is hard if fast”.

Emily and Bella from Windmill Primary enjoyed the chemicals changing colour. Lennon learnt that “you can change the colour of fire using liquids”. Paige and Chloe enjoyed looking through microscopes at different images. Mohammed liked the Chemistry “because it included fire and chemicals”.

Staincliffe Junior children had lots of positive things to say:

“Very good, learnt lots of things” – Bilal

“I enjoyed looking at human bodies” – Moshin

“It’s tremendous, we enjoyed coming here and we learnt lots of things” – Ahad

“I liked walking through the Science Garden” – Rodrigo

“What I liked about the trip was the Chemistry because you can find what type of thing it is, like shampoo is an acid” – Tayyab

Adam and Sienna from Year 2 at Batley Parish learnt that “gravity makes the cars faster”. Lily said she learnt about the body, and Poppy enjoyed using the chemicals, and “learning where all your body parts go”. Hannah and Tillie found the balloons interesting, and learnt some important things about staying safe: “In Chemistry you have to wear goggles so the chemicals don’t go in your eyes”.

Mr Lorgat, Year 4 teacher at Field Lane, said: “The children have a clearer understanding about Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The activities in each session inspired the children to want to do Science back in school.”

“I enjoyed the alkaline and acid activity because I could experiment with different liquids” – Adam

“I loved doing Biology because I got to learn about the different body parts” – Fatima

“Today was really exciting. I enjoyed the hot wheels activity in Physics because I love cars” – Anas

“I enjoyed the Chemistry session because we got to test different liquids. I love Science” – Maryam