2017 Exhibition

Saturday 1st July to Saturday 2nd September 2017                                at Batley Art Gallery

Brilliant Hues…Magical Magnets…Pinball Wizardry…The Immovable Object…Peculiar Particles…An Amazing Maze…and much more! 

Some of the great comments received from visitors – children, teachers and members of the public

 “I appreciate the layout and how it has been presented. The thing I will remember most about the exhibition is all the amazing work and how much detail has been used.”  Jennifer, 12

“The exhibition makes me feel calm, peaceful, creative and unique.”  Raheemah, 13

“After looking around the exhibition I was amazed, all the work is stunning. The thing I enjoyed most about seeing everyone’s work together was all the different ways that things were made – some were made with mechanics and some were just simply beautiful.”  Shahid, 11

“I feel pleased with my contribution to this project.  Seeing everyone’s work together was mind-blowing, I never imagined our work coming this far.”  Jamaal, 9

“All the work displayed in the art gallery this year is excellent quality and the science learning that has gone on is evident.  It was so lovely to see the pictures of children too, and that highlighted how much they must have enjoyed the sessions as the look of awe and wonder was apparent on their faces.  It was lovely to see their reactions and their faces light up as they saw their work displayed in the gallery.”  Teacher, Field Lane JI&N

“Very impressed! Love the passion for children’s education. Very refreshing.”

“Wonderful to see the fun and learning in the workshops come to fruition in such beautiful artwork.”

“Art, Science, Inspiration…all in one! Brilliant.”

“Wonderful things in the gallery, very creative, lots of colours and ideas!  Well done to all who made this room beautiful. A pleasure to visit. Thank you!!!” 

“The integration of science with art is particularly impressive. Children clearly learned a lot of practical science in an enjoyable way and used their knowledge to produce artworks – many of which are both interesting and (sometimes) rather lovely. And one or two are wonderful fun – NOT least the immovable Suma guy!”

“Fantastic. Great to see young, energetic, creative talent on display. Making Batley shine!”