Park Road J I & N School

Project: Printmaking – Changing Skyline
Participants: 28 Year 4 children
Partnering with: Field Lane J I & N School
Artist: Shelley Burgoyne

We will be using the amazing Park Road School building as our inspiration. We will explore the building outside and make initial drawings and visual research looking at the large structure and detail. We will look at ‘changes’ in the building, its uses and immediate environment over time.  This will link with a classroom activity about Victorian Mega Structures. The starting points will be developed as a series of colour relief printed images using polyblok surface.  In our sessions we will look especially at silhouettes and outlines as a means to develop simple, strong images.  These may possibly be displayed in the exhibition as a large concertina series of images.  A space has been designated for our artwork to be finally displayed at the school.

Our partner school for the project is Field Lane J I & N School – have a look at their project page too.

Session 1: 6th March 2014


We have all been preparing for this project quite a bit before we started working today. We have been finding images and details of buildings around our school, the roof tops, windows and buildings in our local environment.  So today we used our preparation drawings to start some printing.  This was a new thing to do and we loved the results.  We also did more drawing and started to work on a large concertina skyline drawing which came out really well too.  It was an exciting afternoon. Shelley (artist)

“Do I make the image horizontal or vertical?”

“I really enjoyed today it was so much fun”

“I loved the part where we put the ink on and we could do it in different ways”

Session 2: 13th March 2014

parkroad-2-2 parkroad-2-1 parkroad-2-3

We have been so enthusiastic again!  Another busy afternoon of printing and drawing and plenty of patience and determination to get good results. We have begun to print the concertina book today and the results are great. We’re all trying really hard top get good printing results.  We have also developed our small prints from last week and loved drawing with colour oil crayon.   Shelley (artist)

“I really appreciate Shelley coming in to Park Road and teaching our class how to do printing. Thank you, I enjoyed it”

“Thank you for all the help and ideas. I liked drawing my picture on the block and printing it onto the concertina”

“I like the colour drawings”

Session 3: 27th March 2014

parkroad-3-2 parkroad-3-1  parkroad-3-3

This was a big and busy session! We all finished our printing in the big concertina book. The concertina book is nearly as long as our school and town together. We continued our drawings and some of us did more printing experiments as well.  We added more lines to our printed pictures and to make the buildings stand out and add more detail. We talked about our environment and how we see it.  The entire group have been very involved and the energy has been immense.  Shelley (artist)

“I did an individualistic skyline picture experiment and I love printing”

“Old buildings and new buildings all blend together”

“The skyline is changing because the sun is staying out for longer hours. Very light colours make the skyline stand out”

“When it’s dark the skyline is black but the sun and the clouds change it too”

“The sun and the moon change the skyline with different shapes and icons on the roof tops. The moon shines bright”

Children from our partner school, Field Lane J I & N School, sent us some feedback:

“I like the way you joined your artwork together to make a street scene.”

“Your work looks really good.”

“The printing of the buildings look quite detailed.”

“We really liked your amazing skyline pictures.”

A final word from staff…

We met all of our learning aims during this brilliant change project. Having read all of the children’s feedback comments they all loved taking part in the printmaking, they feel that they have learnt some new creative skills and become more aware of the different buildings and structures around Batley. None of the children had previous experience working with ink or the ink polyblocks and they really enjoyed using the new equipment, so much so that many of them have requested that we use it again in our art lessons.  Staff and children all really enjoyed visiting Cartwright Art Gallery and got many benefits from the visit, including mixing with other children and learning how to behave in a gallery. We now have some very motivated artists at Park Road!

Rebecca Harrison