Batley Girls’ High School

Project: Printmaking – 3D into 2D into 3D
Participants: 15 Year 7 students
Partnering with: Batley Business & Enterprise College
Artist: Shelley Burgoyne

We’ll begin by looking at representations of 3-dimensional natural objects, each developing our own individual images through drawings, visual research and printmaking.  We will experiment with the idea of ‘change’ by exploring how 3-dimensional forms can be turned into to 2-dimensional printed ‘multiples’.  Then we will develop our printed multiples and turn them from 2-dimensional prints back into 3-dimensional sculptural forms.  All our individual 2D relief prints and 3D forms will come together in a large,  sculptural, group piece, perhaps consisting of artworks mounted on the gallery wall and hung on threads.

Our partner school for the project is Batley Business & Enterprise College – have a look at their project page too.

Session 1: 13th March 2014

bghs-1-1 bghs-1-2 bghs-1-3

As a group we have been making drawings of natural forms and looking forward to starting working on our project.  Today we started off with a session of screenprinting which was really quite a discovery for us!  We used our pencil drawings to make the screenprinting stencils and we know more now about how it will all work.  We will be making more designs for the next session.  Our prints will eventually be turned into 3-dimensional forms and we looked at examples on the interactive screen.  Shelley (artist)

Session 2: 27th March 2014

bghs-2-1 bghs-2-3 bghs-2-2

We worked hard in this session to get a lot done and concentrate on learning the new origami skills. It was quite a challenging task. To begin with we made the ‘Chatter Box’. This was easy for some of us who had done it before.  Then we had a real challenge to make the Pine Tree, though the results were lovely in the end.  We did more screenprinting too and built more layers of colour. The results are really bold and colourful.  We discussed how our 3D sculpture will be made from the screenprints using the origami techniques.  We have got lots to do to build this up for the exhibition.  It is exciting.  Shelley (artist)

“Today we did screenprinting and it was fun even though mistakes happened.  We started to do layers of colours and the prints were very different then”

“I loved making the chatter box origami and found it really difficult to make the pine tree but then it was good when I did manage it and learnt how in the end”

“I learnt how to make a Pine Tree Origami today. It was complicated and fun.  But it took a lot of concentration”

Session 3: 3rd April 2014

bghs-3-1 bghs-3-2 bghs-3-3 bghs-3-4

The session today was very busy.   We made more origami and looked again at ways to build the models together, joining them and creating bigger pattern structures. We were all inspired by one student who made a large origami object out of multiples at home and brought this in.  We tried other ways to make models using ‘nets’ of cones, cubes, octahedrons. We cut the ‘nets’ out of our screenprints. They look really interesting and fun alongside the origami and the ideas seem to have a lot of variety developing.   The screenprints we did in this session were getting very colourful and dynamic. They will be used for more origami and model making before the exhibition at Batley Art Gallery.  Shelley (artist)

“It was a great experience learning to do printing with Shelley. She also taught us how to do origami, pine cones and octahedrons”

I enjoyed the screen printing and using our different stencils. We printed colours on top of each other”

“I love doing the screenprinting and pulling the squeegee”

“Doing the screenprinting was a bit messy but it was fun and I loved mixing all the colours”

Children from our partner school, Batley Business & Enterprise College, sent us some feedback:

“I think their work is good and it will look good with our work in the gallery. Their work looked challenging to do.”

“I am astounded by the complexity of the work that was involved. It is colourful and neat and I think that their work is beautiful and well though through.”

“I feel that they have done really good work and the origami looks very difficult to do/ the 3D work looks really good because of the colours and also that it is 3D. It will go well with our work.”

“I think that the girls work is great because it looks dazzling and complex. Our work and the girls work were similar because we were contrasting and experimenting with different colours.”

A final word from staff…

Our students have enjoyed exploring new creative mediums and techniques during the project. They have co-operated as a team and expanded on their decision making skills when developing their work. They have also learnt the possibilities for translating work from a 2D individual development piece to a collaborative 3D display piece.

Students have benefited from experiencing a wider range of printing skills than they would have had chance to in their normal art lessons. As a teacher these skills are easily transferable, and this project has made it easier for other year groups to access the same printing skills.

The group very much enjoyed looking at artwork by Shelley and getting involved in a great practical activity. Several individuals have also been inspired to develop work in their own time. We are looking forward to seeing our work in the gallery!

Leanne Hainsworth