Batley East Family Forum

Project:  Printmaking Change Print Stitch Sew Create
Participants: Parents’ group
Artist: Shelley Burgoyne
Link to Change theme: Changes in our mental state through expression and contemplation

We will be looking at changes in our mood, thoughts and contemplation, how these affect our drawings and the visual images we make.  We will be learning about drawing and printmaking in order to explore these ideas as abstract images, working with simple marks and textural gestural details.  We will focus on detail and surfaces and will create prints from the first drawings.  The prints that are made will be developed through stitch and surface manipulation techniques.  The final outcome will form a display for the Prayer Room at Batley East Children’s Centre.  We aim to see how the artwork will change the space and its atmosphere.

Session 1: 4th March 2014

batleyeast-1-1 batleyeast-1-2 batleyeast-1-4 batleyeast-1-3

A session of planning, discussion, drawing and printmaking.  It was lovely to meet and get to know each other.  The drawing activity gave us lots to talk about!  We have plans now and are all enthusiastic about the ideas and artwork.  We have a stock of printmaking equipment and some first steps have been taken.  The group will carry on now under its own steam til our next session together.  Shelley (artist)

Session 2: 18th March 2014

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We all are very enthusiastic and have continued to develop our artworks! We spent time looking at the textile prints produced during the group’s last session working without Shelley.  We came up with really great results and did build on our skills. A lot of variety here and plans are developing for the final piece. Lots of work to do!  We enjoyed a colour mixing session to consider how colour can be used with our theme, then printing and developing the textile printed images.  It was interesting to see Shelley’s portfolio this time and hear about her work and ideas.  We are inspired to take the images further with the stitch and colour samples.

Session 3: 29th April 2014

batleyeast-3-1 batleyeast-3-2 batleyeast-3-3

Today was our last session and we have been on quite a journey. So far we have made about 50 lino-prints on Fabric which have been stitched. The pieces are small 10 x 10 cm and are each very individual. We have had a lot of fun choosing the colours and the surfaces and talking about how these fit with our mood. Really it’s been a lot about developing our instinct as well. We are spending two more session together taking the stitch work that bit further. Having a printed image first has made the choices about what we did next very different. It’s been a new process in decision making for us. It has given us direction but we were also enabled to be very free. Today we have spent time discussing the layout of the final idea. The final piece is going to have quite a presence.  Shelley (artist)

“We have enjoyed working together on this Mosaic project. We have learnt new skills in lino-cutting and printmaking and these have also led us into developing our stitch and embroidery skills further. We have discovered new strengths in our abilities as well. Everyone has contributed to the images and our skills have been brought together in making choices about drawings, colours, lino-cutting, fabrics and stitching. Through the process we have also discovered the special talents that each of us has for the separate parts of the work process.”

“Working as a group we feel helps us make good decisions. We have a strong level of encouragement in the group. Working in a group has built on our self-motivation and has kept us moving forwards in a very positive way. We feel we have also gained new insights into how other artists are working. As well as that, we understand what printmaking is when our own children have done something at school.”

“We have had a lot of fun and are also pleased to have gained a new group member during this project.”