Trinity Craft Group

Project: 3D Textiles – Change in Crafts
Participants: Women’s Craft Group
Artist: Fiona Goodwin

Our project focuses on textile crafts, our experiences and our sheer love of materials.  We aim to design a piece that reflects changes in materials and in our creative skills as individuals and we hope to devise a mini educational guide to craft techniques to inform and inspire the viewer along the way.  We’ll be using the piece to explore 2D and 3D surfaces and suggest a final method of presentation.

Session 1: 19th February 2014

trinity-1-3 trinity-1-1 trinity-1-2

A fabulous session full of character and wonderful conversations.  We dived straight in by experimenting with different ways of embossing and laminating surfaces.  Our attentions focused on letterforms and different ways of creating punched and domes surfaces on paper, with some beautiful results.  The initial explorations were colourless so as to learn more about the possibilities of form, then we moved on to laminating to look at ways of achieving negative shiny space around the letterforms, starting to incorporate colour.  It will be interesting to see whether these ideas are taken forward as the group has an abundance of approaches, techniques and ideas for their piece already.  Fiona (artist)

Session 2: 12th March 2014

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Another great session, lots of discussion around the notion of the piece and how it might work in the gallery space.  There were lots of interesting viewpoints and different considerations to be made about presentation ideas so that we can make informed choices about material selection and 2D into 3D qualities.  There are some stunning samples already created in stitch, rag rugging, felted and braided letterforms – very exciting.  We need to now find a way of linking the colour across individual units and visualising these as a collection so that they hang together as a whole.  Fiona (artist)

“There’s been many more problems to solve this year, it’s required much more thought, but it’s been great”

“It’s still been a creative process, it’s still being designed in fact!”

Session 3: 9th April 2014

trinity-3-1 trinity-3-3 trinity-3-2

What a welcome after a few weeks between sessions, I was greeted by a whole host of fabulous letterforms all created with love care and attention to detail.  Our sections are singing with colour, exploring different materials and combinations excitedly and show off a range of skills that have been used to create them.  They all tell a story about specific techniques and give us an insight into the interests and unique character of the creator…fantastic!  We’ve a few more elements to complete but they’re almost there and after much discussion today we have decided on our final layout and how we intend to finish and construct the piece.  It’s been an interesting project and we’re all very excited about seeing it constructed and in the context of the gallery space, where there are more possibilities for exploring more than one dimension as it’s displayed.  Fiona (artist)

“The project has given us a focus and it’s nice to see our work become part of a bigger picture”

“The actual realisation is far more open-ended, there are so many possibilities”