Milen Care

Project name: 3D Textiles – Creative Hands
Participants: Women’s Group
Artist: Fiona Goodwin

Our project focuses on creating a piece that reflects the changing community of Milen Care as it celebrates 25 years of friendship, community and care.  We’ll begin by exploring different approaches to drawing, surface and colour using frottage, mehndi and laminating techniques. We hope to encourage awareness of self and talk about how change has taken place in ourselves, our environment and our community. We aim to design a piece that reflects our creative skills as individuals and celebrate them as they blend together as a whole.

Session 1: 10th March 2014

milen-1-1 milen-1-4 milen-1-3 milen-1-2

Our introductory session began with a collection of memories.  I’d asked the ladies to bring in an inspirational reference that was personal to them – a wonderful array of embroideries, stitched pieces and an old photograph emerged, all created many years ago.  What quickly became apparent was the amount of love, craftsmanship and passion that had gone into the pieces and interestingly still resided there.  Our commemorative piece needs to somehow reflect this.  We began by warming up our creative hands and having fun with colour whilst exploring new media. The ladies made it all look effortless as they achieved some amazing results very quickly. It’s going to be an interesting journey and one I’m very excited about.  Fiona (artist)

Session 2: 24th March 2014

milen-2-1 milen-2-3 milen-2-4 milen-2-2

We moved from colourful creative hands to our more tranquil surface development this week. Using a mix of frottage and mehndi techniques – wet and dry media – we’ve started creating our individual sections that will be linked together to form the background to the piece, these to be bejewelled and embellished by our creative hands next week.  Can’t wait! It’s been a fascinating afternoon with some interesting accounts and stories recollected from years ago bubbling away in the background. We’re all pulling together, there’s a real work ethic and great team spirit too, we’re having fun!  Fiona (artist)

Session 3: 14th April 2014

milen-3-1 milen-3-2 milen-3-3

Our final week sadly, lots to do but all fun things – the embellishment of our silver sections which are now beautifully adorned with sequin, glitter and stick-on diamante – the ladies just loved doing this. We were working in really quite minute detail, there were a few concerns over dexterity, we overcame any hurdles together through good teamwork and having fun supporting each other, I just remember saying ”you’ve still got it ladies, it’s beautiful. We were also joined by Milen Care’s manager who managed to complete his own part of the piece too. It will look stunning and shimmer beautifully, we can’t wait to see all the individual components come together. It’s been a fabulous project in a tranquil setting with lovely ladies to work with – thank you.  Fiona (artist)

“As a child I’ve always been creative and enjoyed designing clothes and getting involved with artwork. I love vibrant colours. I really enjoyed working with Fiona,which gave me the opportunity to use sequin, glitter and other art material. It brought back fond memories”  Mrs Kazi

“I used to enjoy sewing and designing clothes but due to ill health I have given up this hobby. However I enjoyed the artwork with the support of Fiona. It also gives me great pleasure knowing our work will contribute towards Milen Care’s Silver Jubilee celebration”  Mrs Hussain

“I really enjoyed working on the art project which will be displayed at Milen’s Silver Jubilee event. I’m sure our colourful hands (artwork) will delight the audience”  Mrs Sheikh