Hyrstmount Junior School

Project: 3D Textiles – We see the world like this
Participants: 30 Year 5 children
Partnering with: Lydgate J & I School and Mill Lane
Artist: Fiona Goodwin

Our project focuses on mapping personal and social growth and change.  We’ll be creating a sensory map of ourselves as individuals/units, exploring characteristics that are personal  to us as unique individuals.  What special powers and qualities do we have?  How do we appear on the outside?  Are we any different on the inside?  Then we’ll create an exploded view – the bigger picture of us as a group and how we relate to each other,  thinking about our group as a constellation of stars that collectively forms a pattern, structure or shape.  We’ll be exploring techniques such as layering, punctuating, laminating, manipulating, and possibly experimenting with lighting and projection.  We may use nets and recycled materials to create individual forms which can then be combined to create a composite piece of work.

Our partner schools for the project are Lydgate J & I School and Mill Lane Primary School – have a look at their project pages here and here too.

Session 1: 5th February 2014

hyrstmount-1-1 hyrstmount-1-2 hyrstmount-1-3

Intrigued by four different activities we started our first session by exploring media and changing surfaces, and looking at the work of other textile artists.  We split into groups to create ideas for our changing individual units, experimenting with surface, colour, resist and frottage.  There was a real sense of excitement and anticipation as we learnt more about the materials and how they behaved, discovering that some processes are quicker than others and that sometimes we have to spend a while working on the back of a piece not knowing what’s going on the front.  Laminating was a huge hit, quite fast, an instant result!  There was a wonderful energy in the room, a real buzz and a sense of pride.  We’re looking forward to working with our surfaces.  Fiona (artist)

“I really enjoyed it all, but really liked using the pigments best”

“I loved using the hammer and punch”

“It’s great to experiment”

Session 2: 17th March 2014

Still buzzing from the previous session we split into groups to organise our identity packs. We’re beginning now to think in a little more detail about our individual characteristics and how we feel about ourselves and our world and to organise this information. Some interesting discussions took place, this was really quite fun and amusing and we enjoyed homing in on ourselves to discover things about each other and tell more of a story about ourselves and the secrets behind our exterior colour. We’ve arranged ourselves into our group constellations, creating names ready to begin building and assembling our 2D characteristics into a more 3D form next week.  Fiona (artist)

Session 3: 2nd April 2014

hyrstmount-3-1 hyrstmount-3-2 hyrstmount-3-3

A really lovely session, and great to see so many parents all getting involved, getting their hands dirty and having fun.  It was by no means straightforward as there were a few technical glitches with the laminators – aargh! – but nothing we didn’t manage to overcome, and it certainly didn’t dampen our spirit and sense of occasion.  It was great to see so much confidence and ability shine out as the processes we’ve been using over the last few weeks were introduced and shared with the parents – so much fun.  The surface embossing was particularly successful and we managed to create the entire backdrop for the piece in the session – brilliant.  Lots of sore hands though, but it will look fabulous.  There’s one key element we’ve omitted to mention, our little secret, you’ll have to come to the exhibition and see what it is.

It’s really different art work to when I was at school.  My child hasn’t stopped talking about it and wanted me to be involved”

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing what happens when different pigments are laminated”

A final word from staff…

Our learning aims were fully met. In terms of extra unplanned benefits, new skills have been learnt which can be cascaded to other staff, and we may incorporate some of these skills into our curriculum planning for next year. The project was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Angela Mencattelli