Gallery Visits


Warwick Road & Fieldhead – Tuesday 7th February 2014

warwickfieldhead-gallery-1 warwickfieldhead-gallery-3 warwickfieldhead-gallery-5 warwickfieldhead-gallery-4 warwickfieldhead-gallery-2

What they enjoyed about the visit

“I enjoyed taking photos with the cameras”
“I liked talking to other schools”
“I liked making the mosaic pictures”

What was their favourite exhibit/art work

“Adam and Eve statue because it had stripes”
“Fox on the wall sculpture because it had lots of silver on it”
“The fish on the television screen because it was unusual and had lots of bright colours”

What they learnt from working with other children at the gallery

“The children wear different uniforms to us”
“The children had different ideas to us about the gallery”
“The children were lovely to work with”

Carlton & St Peter’s – Wednesday 8th February 2014

Carlton Feedback:

What they enjoyed most about the gallery visit

“I enjoyed seeing different types of art work, especially sculptures”

“Learning that all the paintings were different”

“To look at the sculptures and draw the amazing exhibits”

“Taking photos of art sculptures and patterns”

“Looking at different pictures by different artists”

About their favourite exhibit/art work

“The graffiti picture because it was modern”

“My favourite art work was the sculpture that was made with metal entitled Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve was my favourite because of the way it made two triangular sculptures look like people”

“I liked the nature paper-cut because of its symmetry and repetition. It was wonderful”

“My favourite art work was The Arab Weaver which we looked at in the afternoon because I enjoyed talking about what might have been happening in the scene”

“The one with the trees because it used different shades of one colour”

“I liked the sculptures because they were well made”

What they learnt from working with other children at the gallery

“I enjoyed working with them, they were kind and friendly”

“I learnt that working with another school helps you concentrate more. Also, you get to know each other better”

“I learnt that even if you go to another school it is okay and you can make friends. You can work as a team and get along with each other”

“It was fun getting to know them”

carltonstpeters-gallery-3 carltonstpeters-gallery-4 carltonstpeters-gallery-5 carltonstpeters-gallery-6 carltonstpeters-gallery-7 carltonstpeters-gallery-1 carltonstpeters-gallery-2

St Peter’s feedback:

What they enjoyed most about the gallery visit

“I liked doing the activities, like sticking and gluing. I made lots of my own designs”

“I liked learning about each of the paintings”

“I enjoyed looking at all the pictures and sculptures”

“I liked meeting the other school because I made some new friends”

“I liked doing the drawing on the worksheets”

“I liked taking the photographs, it was interesting”

This was their favourite exhibit/art work

“I like picture of the forest. It had all circles on it when you go down to it but when you went far away you could see the forest”

“I liked the big stick because they were colourful”

“I liked the black and white sculpture with the different shapes on”

“I liked Noah’s Ark with the cats”

What they learnt from working with other children at the gallery

“How to get on together and how to make new friends”

“I found out about their favourite things”

“How to do more teamwork”

Cartwright Hall 2014 from CarltonJI on Vimeo.

Batley Business & Enterprise College – Thursday 9th February 2014

bbecbhgs-gallery-1 bbecbhgs-gallery-9 bbecbhgs-gallery-8 bbecbhgs-gallery-7 bbecbhgs-gallery-6 bbecbhgs-gallery-2 bbecbhgs-gallery-3 bbecbhgs-gallery-4 bbecbhgs-gallery-5

“I enjoyed the printing because I have never done that before. My favourite was the 3D because it used different materials. I learnt how to print.”

“I enjoyed everything in the art gallery especially print making and acting. It was really fun and also I learnt how to print. My favourite exhibit was a sculpture which was really colourful and beautiful. I learnt to work in a group and act.”

“I enjoyed the part where we went to the gift shop to buy something. My favourite exhibit was the painting of the old mill. I learnt how to work and as group and print.”

“I enjoyed dressing up and acting because I like acting. I liked the exhibit with the Arabian Weaver painting. I enjoyed printing.”

“I enjoyed the printing and the effect after. My favourite exhibit was Adam and Eve because it looked good with the shape. I learnt how to take part and print”

“I enjoyed looking at all the different type’s art because I like looking at antique art. I liked looking at the sculptures, and I learnt that sometimes working as a team is better than your own.”

“I enjoyed all the activity, because I liked them. My favourite art was dressing up and i learnt to print.”

“I really enjoyed the exhibit looking because you get to know all about the pictures. I also like the dressing up and taking part in the drama.”

“I enjoyed when we did printing because I have not done it before. I liked the different paintings in the art gallery.”

“I enjoyed the dressing up part and the acting, so we did two subjects on the trip art and drama. My favourite exhibit was the Arabian Weaver because he used the oil pastels really nicely and it looked like he had took a picture, I learnt how to work with other people.”

“I enjoyed the dressing up part because it was as if you were going back in time. Printing because it was very effective, I learnt to work with others.”

“I enjoyed the part where we dressed up and did the acting. We learnt how to print.”

“When we went to Cartwright Hall, May favourite activity was the printing with the paint. My favourite exhibit was the sticks with the patterns on it. I learnt different art techniques and I also learnt how to print. I really enjoyed the day as it was very fun and I would definitely go back.”

“I enjoyed getting inspiration from different types of art because it gave you an insight of how other people have worked to perfect their art work, no matter how hard it was. My favourite exhibit was the with the foxes head as it used lots of materials.”

“When we where printing it were fun and I thought it was going to be hard but it was easy, and I really liked it. I like the Arabian Weaver it was a big picture and by one person. We learnt how to print and carry on patterns.”

Batley Girls’ High School – Thursday 9th February 2014

bghs-gallery-3 bghs-gallery-1 bghs-gallery-2 bghs-gallery-4 bghs-gallery-5 bghs-gallery-6

What they enjoyed most about the gallery visit

“I enjoyed looking at the statues”

“I thoroughly enjoyed drawing a copy of some of the paintings in the gallery”

“The painting, role play and the statues”

“Looking at the artwork”

“Black ink printing because it was fun”

What their favourite exhibit/art work was

“My favourite exhibit was the huge detailed picture of people working in a yard”

“My favourite one was the huge picture because it looked real and a family working, it was beautiful”

“I liked the big picture because it had a lot of detail and took quite a long time to do it.”

“The painting of the flowers and insects I think, because they are colourful”

“My favourite artwork was ink printing it was amazing how artists do that”

What they learnt from working with others at the gallery

“I learnt that if you work with other children you get more help”


“To work in a group and to be helpful”

“That you have to take your time drawing”

“It was good because we got more help”

Hyrstmount – Tuesday 14th February 2014

hyrstmount-gallery-1 hyrstmount-gallery-2 hyrstmount-gallery-3 hyrstmount-gallery-4 hyrstmount-gallery-5

The children really enjoyed the visit, especially looking at the artworks and using ideas for inspiration to create their own paper cuts and prints. The class also enjoyed the Arab Weaver’s workshop. One child said that the activities brought the painting to life and really helped her to understand what it was about.