Trinity Craft Group

The Trinity Craft Group began life in the Textile Hall in central Batley and changed our meeting venue to Trinity Church in Batley Carr in September 2011. We now have 10-12 regular members of the group, which meets on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm. We try to get visiting experts in from time to time to extend our skills and introduce new ideas, but due to financial restraints we often work on our own pieces of work and exchange our skills and expertise within the group.

Having discussed and agreed that we would like to take part in the Change project this year, we wanted to find a subject which would demonstrate our experiences and thoughts about craft skills. Being in the depths of snow at the time and looking forward to better weather we decided that a reflection on the changing seasons would be perfect, as most of us are retired and remember various indications and evocations of seasons past that are becoming lost to the younger generation.

As we have enjoyed felting, knitting, crochet, rag rugging and other fabric based skills we chose these as a basis for our work, and the concept of time passing seemed to demand a circular format. With all life starting with the sun, we began here and grew outwards.

Some of our new members who joined after we had begun the project have found it a very rewarding aspect of joining the group, as their own expertise has been incorporated and some have learnt new skills to contribute to the work. Jackie thinks that being involved in the project from the word go has helped her to become part of the group more easily and she has enjoyed using her old skills and developing new ones to contribute to the piece. Those of us who have been involved with the group from the beginning have also found it helpful to have a joint project which we can all enjoy.

Our textile artwork is taking shape and growing – watch this space.

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“Really enjoyed doing this project. It was quite difficult at times, as in trying to get everyone involved we were then dependent on everyone bringing their pieces back on time, but it all came together in the end. I’m looking forward to next year’s project”  T

“I had never done anything like this before so I really enjoyed seeing the range of other people’s work and how it all eventually fitted together”  A

“I went to the library to get some more ideas about Spring as that was my part of the piece. One particular book transformed the way I thought of my approach and I tried then to blend the colours that stood out in my memory of Spring past. I was quite pleased with what we have created . We all have our own unique ways of working and I think we have shown the movement through each season with its own colouring and shapes”  H

“This has been a very interesting and thought provoking project. It has introduced us to a different way of working, as in the past we have always worked on our own pieces, and although we have shared skills and ideas the project has introduced us to the dependency that goes with a joint piece. We were fortunate to get the input from Fiona and after a good deal of hard work we have achieved a piece of work that seems to encapsulate our shared memories of seasons past. I think we have learnt some very valid lessons in the process and hope that we may be able to join in with the project again next year”  C