St Peter’s CE J I & EY

Project: Our Amazing Self
Participants: 30 Year 2 children
Partnering with: Purlwell I&N
Artist: Karen Stansfield

Growing up and the wonders of our body are the focus for our Change project.  In our sessions with Karen we will be using our bodies as inspiration for our artwork.  We’ll explore physical movement, how we can make special shapes using our body, and what skills we’ve learnt since we were born – crawling, walking, jumping and so on.  We’ll also make ‘body prints’ by experimenting with the printed shapes and textures our fingertips, knuckles and hands can produce.  Then we will work in small groups to make group artworks.  We’ll use each other’s bodies as templates to draw around onto a big sheet of paper so that we have a collage of body shapes which we can decorate using a variety of materials, including our body prints.  Each group will make a big piece of ‘abstract art’ in this way.  Our last task will be to each use a view finder to select a section or fragment of our group artwork that we would like to turn into our own individual postcards.

Session 1 – 26th February

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Today was our first session.  We were all happy to spend the morning being artists.  Growing up and the wonders of our bodies were our focus for today’s session.  We discussed what movements we have learnt since being born. In the hall we divided into groups to do a movement activity where we discussed what action pose we would like to show.  When we were ready we ‘freeze framed’ and our classmates and teachers had to guess what activity we were showing – some were easy, some were hard! Then we used these body shapes to create our big pieces of artwork.  In our groups we each took it in turn to pose our shape lying on paper on the floor while other people drew round our body.  Overlaying everyone’s body shape onto one big piece of paper like this resulted in a large abstract piece of art by each group.  Karen – artist

Today was our first day of the project and we were excited about developing our talents and being real artists. Karen came to school to work with us and discussed the purpose of postcards and why we would send them. Then we went into the hall and explored the different shapes we could make with our bodies from being small and curled up to large and stretched. After in our colour groups we chose one of our favourite body shapes to make on the large sheets of paper and our friends drew around us to create large pieces of abstract art.

“I enjoyed seeing how many different shapes I could make with my body”

“I liked Orange’s groups artwork because they used handprints to show it belonged to them”

“I enjoyed working as a team to make our picture”

“I am proud of what I have done today”

Session 2 – 5th March


In today’s session we explored two types of printing, mono and hand printing. We reflected on the last session when we discussed what actions and shapes we could do now with our bodies which we couldn’t do when we were babies.  Today we chose an action and drew this onto a piece of paper, then using a roller and printing ink we coated a plastic board and placed a new piece of paper on the top, and placed our drawing on top of that. Using a pencil we traced over our drawing then lifted the paper up to reveal our print. For our second activity we used our hands as our ‘tools’ to print with,  using our palms, fingers, knuckles and finger tips to print and make patterns with. First we worked on our own table in a group, then we moved around to another group’s table and added our coloured hand prints to their piece of abstract artwork.  It reminded us of activities we used to do in pre-school. Karen – artist

“I enjoyed printing with my hands because I liked the feel of the paint”

“I liked doing the drawing of me swimming because I then made it into a print”

Session 3 – 19th March

Today was our final session where we were bringing all the elements from the past two sessions together. We have divided our postcards into four segments.  In two areas we have placed a copy of our line drawing of body shapes and our colourful, expressive hand prints. Today we were also producing more mono printing work to show a favourite movement or action that we have learnt since being a baby, this time onto A5 sheets of paper. The remaining segment of our postcard is a self-portrait of how we look now. We were shown how our faces are divided up into sections and learnt in which section to put our nose, mouth, ears and eyes. We then used wax pastels to colour in with and blend our skin tones realistically. These were added to our other three pictures to complete the image for our postcard. Karen – artist

“Enjoyed learning how to do my portrait”

“I found working out where to put the lines to work out where to put our nose and eyes tricky for our portraits, but I am pleased with my picture!”

A final word from staff…

“Our learning aims were achieved and we are looking forward to seeing our finished postcards. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and liked the idea of working with a real artist. They had the opportunity to work on a different sized work using a range of techniques. Many of the children had not done any printing before. Our visit to Cartwright Hall was great and the children learnt a lot from it.”

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