Manorfield I & N

Project: Life Cycles
Participants: 21 Year 2 children plus parents
Partnering with: Carlinghow JI&N
Artist: Damian Clark

In our project we will be exploring the idea of Change by looking at the life cycles of animals and how they grow and evolve over time, for example how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. In our sessions with Damian we will be experimenting with new creative processes to represent the changes we see in nature.  We will all make a number of pictures using techniques like scraper board and magical wax, and we will each choose one picture to be made into a postcard so that we have a complete set by the whole group to include in the exhibition.  We will also have extra copies of the postcards to keep for ourselves and to send to other people with messages about the project.

Session 1 – 11th February

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This was our first session and we were all keen to get started in creating our colourful scraper-board pictures.  In this session we worked with both parents and children. Our theme for the day was Butterflies and Caterpillars and everyone got to create a picture.  We began by looking at examples of scraper board pictures and then started by colouring sheets of card using a whole range of coloured oil pastels. We had lots of fun making all sorts of random shapes and patterns.  Once the sheet was completely covered with colour we painted over it using black poster paint. These were left to dry during our break. We then looked at how to use scraper tools effectively and by carefully scraping away the paint we could reveal the colours beneath. For most of us this was a new skill, but we picked up the technique very quickly. The results were amazing and we all had a brilliant time in creating our exotic and wonderfully coloured pictures.  Damian – artist

“I wish I could do this every day! “

“I could do this again and again and again!!”

“It was nice and relaxing…. and I’ve learnt new skills” Mrs Patel (parent)

Session 2 – 25th February

postcardssession2pic1manorfield postcardssession2pic2manorfield

It was our second session, this time we were a new group of parents and children, with some parents returning for a second time. Everyone was full of excitement and raring to get started on our scraper-board pictures.  We began by colouring our paper with oil pastels, using all the colours of the rainbow.  Some of us set challenges to see who could be first to completely cover their paper. Once that was done we painted over the colours using black poster paint.  We all practised our brush techniques to see how even and flat we could paint.  After the paint had dried we began to make our butterfly themed pictures.  Some of us expanded on the theme to include other insect friends that could be found in the garden.  We careful used the scraper tools to draw on the paper, and as we drew we removed the poster paint to reveal the magical colours beneath.  The finishing pictures looked brilliant and everyone was very happy with their creations.  We all had great fun making our wonderfully colourful insect masterpieces.  Damian – artist

“I like art because it’s so colourful, that’s why I do so much! “  

“It’s a bit hard, but it’s good fun!

“It was very interesting and colourful…. and something that you can focus on” Mrs Raja (parent)

Session 3 – 4th March

postcardssession3pic2manorfield postcardssession3pic1manorfield

This was final session and although this made us feel a little sad we equally felt excited about creating some more great pictures together.  Our theme today is based upon animals past and present and we are exploring wax- resist pictures.  First we selected our favourite animals to draw. Some of us took the theme even further and evolved our animal ideas to become imaginary creatures.  We began by drawing our creatures with pencils and then going over our marks again using oil pastels.  Some of us used various colours on our creatures while others used just white, which appeared to be almost invisible.  These were our special `secret’ marks.  Then came the exciting part!  We all watched in amazement as we brushed different coloured inks over our pictures and saw our invisible drawings appear on the page. This was great fun to see!  As an added experiment we sprinkled salt onto the pictures and watched as the colours moved and grew to make new patterns.  What a great session to end on. We all had a wonderful day together.   Now our favourite pictures from each of us will go on to be made into postcards.  Damian – artist

“I’ve quite enjoyed myself, shows how creative you can be and it’s nice to try out different techniques…I might go out and buy some stuff to have a go at home… maybe do some classes!” – Hajra (parent)

“I like art because its so much fun, that’s why I do so much… even when I grow up I am going to be an artist, with crayons and paint”

“I feel happy because I really enjoy doing it!”

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