Lydgate J & I

Project: Settings
Participants: 35 Year 4/5 children
Partnering with: Park Road JI&N
Artist: Karen Stansfield

We will be exploring Change, and our ability to make changes, by making artwork with collage and projection and discussing the processes we are using.  We will build up a ‘setting’ using sourced, found and made shapes and create a scene upon the projector’s surface, manipulating the objects while they are being projected onto a screen to make different shapes and images.  We will be discussing the narrative of each image – the story it tells – as we work and we will record the  images we make by photographing them.  Then from the images or ‘settings’ we have created we will use mark-making to transfer some of their strongest features onto foam board and cut out printing blocks.  With our printing blocks we will experiment with print making to build up textures, colours and shapes into pieces of artwork.  Finally each person’s favourite artwork will be scanned and they will all be printed as a series of postcards.

Session 1 – 5th February

postcardssession1pic1lydgate postcardssession1pic2lydgate

Today was our first session and we were all excited about being involved in the project but most of all being artists for the morning.  We are linking our creative sessions with our literacy project on ‘Settings’ so we discussed and shared our ideas first about what is a ‘setting’, we came up with many different types!  We are learning how to do relief printing today and we all had two pieces of A5 foam board. First we explored mark making with different tools and objects to see how the foam board would work and act as a printing block. After experimenting we drew our chosen ‘setting’ image onto the foam board, we inked it up and printed onto a variety of different coloured papers. Karen – artist

“It was my first time printing and I enjoyed it!”

“I used pink and grey inks on to light blue card, it was unusual and unexpected, but I like it” 

Session 2 – 12th February

postcardssession2pic1lydgate postcardssession2pic2lydgate

In today’s session we worked on creating our images of ‘Setting’ through projection. We each had a bag of different materials – coloured gels, buttons, keys, netting and feathers to name a few examples.  We used black card to draw and cut out silhouette shapes of people and buildings and placed these on an acetate sheet, and were able to try different ideas by move our shapes and materials around. When we were happy with our picture we placed it and onto an overhead projector and it was projected onto the white board for everyone to see.  Karen – artist

“Art is not doing things perfectly, it’s about trying different things”

“I liked seeing my friends’ colourful work!”

Session 3 – 12th March

postcardssession3pic1lydgate postcardssession3pic2lydgate

Today was our final session and we were each creating the final image to go onto our postcard. We all had a selection of block printed images and projected pictures from the previous two sessions and we had to make decisions on how we wished to use them, as a whole image or a part of. We all chose a piece of coloured card to collage our work onto, which allowed us to have a border if we wished.  We also had access to all the materials we had previously used to create our projections, which  we could choose from to add to our final images. Karen – artist

“I enjoyed designing our picture from all the work we have created and combining it all together”

“I was surprised and pleased to see my projected picture from the second session”

A final word from staff…

“The project developed children’s collaboration and communication skills. They were enthralled with the opportunity of meeting a real artist and finding out how an artist thinks and works, and the chance of exhibiting has made the children proud of their artwork and given them an incentive to achieve more.  Staff and children have really enjoyed working on the project – thank you.  It has developed children’s and teachers’ interest in art, especially printing, and has given children new skills and ideas for their own work in the future.”

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