Carlinghow Princess Royal J I & N

Project: Light and Dark
Participants: 21 Year 2 children
Partnering with: Manorfield I&N
Artist: Damian Clark

We will be looking at the idea of Change by exploring the contrasts between light and dark and changes in colour over time, as with the transition from night to day.  Over three sessions with Damian we’ll be experimenting with colour to make vibrant scraper-board pictures, taking inspiration from the story of ”The owl who was afraid of the dark “ to create our own illustrations using inks and wax-resist, looking at the surrounding landscape, and using collage and mixed media to create a nocturnal scene.  By the end of the process everyone in the group will have produced a number of pictures using different creative techniques.  We will each choose one of our images to be made into a postcard which will be sent to children at our partner school, Manorfield, and also displayed in the final exhibition.

Session 1 – 27th February

postcardssession1pic2carlinghow postcardssession1pic1carlinghow

This was our first session and we were all very excited about working together. Today, as part of our dark & light theme, we created colourful, contrasting pictures using our own handmade scraper-boards. We and began by colouring in sheets of white card with random shapes and patterns using oil pastels of all the colours of the rainbow and more.  This was quite a challenge, as we couldn’t leave any white areas on the card.  Some of us helped each other and worked together to do this part. Once done, we painted over our colours using black poster paint and set them aside to dry.   Now for the fun part!  Here we carefully used scraper tools to draw with. By scraping away the black paint we revealed the beautiful colours beneath. We did allsorts of pictures; from night scenes of our homes beneath staring skies, to a wonderful assortment of shapes, patterns and amazing calligraphy.  We all had a brilliant time making our fabulous pictures and looking forward to our next session together. Damian – artist

“I liked the colouring in, it was fun!”

“It was good! …I liked it when we did the scraper picture”

Session 2 – 13th March

postcardssession2pic1carlinghow postcardssession2pic2carlinghow

This was our second session and today we explored making wax-resist pictures.  Our theme today was based on the book “The owl who was afraid of the dark” and in this session we would be creating our own an owl characters.  First we looked at how to draw owls and discussed what important shapes, features and details we would include in our pictures.  We began by drawing the outline of our owls with pencils and then drew over our marks again, this time using oil pastels. We added details like feathers and other background elements such as the moon and stars.  After came the exciting part of adding coloured inks. We first brushed water over our pictures to make them wet, this helps the inks absorb into the paper and blend together. We choose two nocturnal colours to work with, blue and yellow, which would blend together to make our third colour green. As an experiment we sprinkled salt crystals onto our ink and watched in amazement as the colours moved and made new patterns. We all had a brilliant time today and we made some amazing owl pictures together. Damian – artist

“I liked all of it…..It was an excellent day!”

“We’ve done stuff we’ve never done before…. It was really good!”

Session 3 – 27th March

postcardssession3pic2carlinghow postcardssession3pic1carlinghow

This was our final session and today we explored making collage pictures using coloured papers. For this session, as part of our dark and light theme, we made a night scene picture inspired by our surrounding townscapes. First we discussed what things we would see in our pictures and what colours they would appear to be a night.  We began by building up the dark elements in our pictures using layers different coloured papers, first the night sky, then the clouds, followed by houses and trees, which we made as black silhouettes. Everyone was having great time gluing their pieces of paper down and seeing their night scenes quickly evolve. Next we added the light elements, first was the windows, for these we used various sized yellow rectangles; this really made our street scene come to life.  Then we added our moons and night creatures, such as owls and bats; these were great fun to see. For our finishing touches we used oil pastels for details like the stars, grass and brickwork on the buildings. This was a great last session to end on and we all had a brilliant time making our amazing nocturnal pictures. Now one of our favourite pictures from each of us will go on to be made into postcards. Damian – artist

“I liked it because I’ve learnt to do a night picture, so now I can do it at home!”

“It was fun! …. I liked doing the night picture!”

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