Mill Lane J I & EY

Project: to follow
Participants: 28 Year 4 & 5 children
Partnering with: Fieldhead Junior
Artist: Dawn Robinson

For our Change project we will be looking at how perspective changes the size of the objects that we have photographed.  We will be learning how you can make a big object look much smaller or a small object look much bigger.  Exploring the camera’s buttons and dials will help us to learn how to use it effectively.  We will look at the flash and close up functions so that we know how and  when to use them.  We will discuss pictures that we have taken and see if we can improve them and make them more interesting.  In the next two sessions we will photograph our best ideas and decide as a group which images we would like to be selected for the exhibition.

Session 1 – 25th January

photographysession1milllanepic1 photographysession1milllanepic2

Working in groups of four we started by looking at the buttons and dials on the camera.  We were shown the macro (close up) and the flash and how to get them on and off the camera when we need to.  We watched a slideshow which showed lots of different types of perspective.  We practiced using the cameras and took lots of pictures of objects from different angles.  We also got to use the negative effects button which makes all the colours look weird. Dawn – artist

I felt happy because I have learnt what each button means and how to make things bigger than they really are”

“I have really enjoyed this lesson because now I know how to take photos and I can try it at home”

“A stimulating activity which was accessed and enjoyed by all children” class teacher

Session 2 – 1st March

milllanepic1 photographysession2pic3milllane milllanepic2

Looking at the photographs that we took on our first session, we discussed ways that we could make them even better.  We talked about what it means to get your picture ‘in focus’.  Focus is where your main subject is sharp and not blurry.  Many of the Children had been trying out ‘forced perspective’ ideas, this is where you make something look bigger or smaller than it actually is. We talked about the distance needed between the camera, person and object in order to make the photographs look really good.  Although it was very cold, some of the children went outside with their cameras, there were lots of funny shots taken, imaginations working at full beam!  There were many interesting things to photograph inside, the library, radiators and even the school bell.  We finished the session by sticking photographs into our scrap books.  Dawn – artist

“I liked going outside with Dawn but it was really cold, we took loads of our photograph it was fun”

Session 3 – 15th March

milllanepic4 milllanepic3

The atmosphere today at Mill Lane School was… lively to say the least. It was Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day! Everyone including the staff were dressed in their pyjamas!  We started the session a little later than usual and began looking through the final selection of photographs that had been captured during the first two sessions.  The class chose their favourites and chatted about how they had taken them.  There were some impressive ‘forced’ perspective shots chosen along with an equal amount of images that had been taken using the negative effect.  We have some really dynamic shots for the exhibition with good examples of different types of perspective.  I left the class with lots photos for their scrap books that they could stick in and annotate later.

We had chance to reflect on the project, here are some of the things that the pupils and teacher said:

“I’ve been amazed at the quality and variety of the images that the children have produced” – Christine Barlow, teacher
“The experience I have had with Dawn was really good”
“The pictures I have seen appear almost impossible”
“I have learnt loads!” – “I loved seeing the pictures, they were really cool!”


A final word from staff…

“The whole experience has been excellent – Dawn was able to inspire and educate the children with ease and they really enjoyed working with her. The staff at Cartwright Hall also inspired the children. The extra photography and printing sessions run by Batley Girls were outstanding and the proof of how our initial learning objectives were met could clearly be seen when children were using terminology such as “worm eye view”, “linear perspective” and “image” accurately and in context, which they would not have been able to do previously. Overall – fabulous staff running inspiring activities leading to motivated children and excellent learning.”

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