Fieldhead J I & N

Project: Snap Attack
Participants: 24 Year 5 children
Partnering with: Mill Lane Junior
Artist: Dawn Robinson

We are going to explore the different ways of taking a photograph and using various angles to change the perspective. We will be learning the basics of digital photography and finding out what the buttons and dials mean.   We will be looking  in magazines and on the internet for pictures that we think have a different perspective  so that we can  work out how they were photographed.  Through discussion, we can look at the photographs that we took in our first session and suggest ways that we can improve them . In the following sessions we will be recreating  our best ideas and working towards a final selection of images by each group member for the exhibition.

Session 1 – 22nd January

photographysession1pic2fieldhead photographysession1pic1fieldhead

The session began with a class of year 5 children eagerly waiting for the photography session to start.  We talked about holding the camera different ways to get a good angle for the photograph and the children were shown the best way to make sure that you are steady and that the picture doesn’t come out blurred.  It was a fun session with lots of ideas and practice.  We used the effects button on the camera to change our pictures to negative – this is where the colours come out really different.  Dawn – artist

“I thought that the lesson was really amazing, you can get higher or lower pictures”

“I learnt if you look really closely to a picture, you will find something strange or cool about it”

“It was a great session, the children were really enthusiastic about using the cameras and produced some really good creative shots.  They were constantly exploring ideas and got a lot out of it” supply teacher

Session 2 – 26th February

photographysession2pic1fieldhead photographysession2pic2fieldhead photographysession2pic3fieldhead

We began our second session by looking at some photographs that we had taken last time and discussing how we could improve.  We talked about holding the camera steady, changing the view from landscape to portrait and using the macro setting. There were some really good photographs.  We went outside to the playground, it was very cold but it was good to get the chance to photograph outdoors.  The children took lots of shots, some groups focused on forced perspective, others used props or the many objects around the playground.  We went back into school when we couldn’t feel out fingers anymore and continued to work on our scrap books, filling it with photographs and annotating them.  Dawn – artist

“I liked it when I was laying down on the floor and Joel and Kian jumped and it looked like they were jumping on me”

“I enjoyed Dawn showing us photos and telling us how to use the camera like a professional.  I would do it again”

Session 3 – 12th March

All the children gathered round excitedly to view the final selection of images for the exhibition which will be at Batley Art Gallery in the summer.  There were lots of chuckles and laughter as we went through the photographs.  We voted as each image came up with a show of hands.  I was impressed at how the children really thought about each photo and why it was a good choice.  One of the favourite shots was of someone holding up a magnifying glass to their face and another of someone lying on the ground and a huge foot coming down on them.  These are really good examples of ‘forced’ perspective.  The children all worked on their scrap books and finished the session with word searches on photography and perspective.


A final word from staff…

“I am delighted that my class got this fantastic opportunity. It gave them a great platform to start from and many of them enjoyed the sessions and want to carry on developing their skills in photography, particularly experimenting with different perspectives.”

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