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Project: Photographied
Participants: 28
Partnering with: Batley Girls High and Batley Business & Enterprise College
Artist: Dawn Robinson

We are linking in with the Change theme through the idea of Changing Perspective. Like the other Photography groups we will be exploring perspective and scale, experimenting with basic camera techniques and effects, and looking at composition. We are aiming to learn how to take basic photos of everyday objects and how to plan subject matter to create an interesting photo. Through learning about and discussing perspective in photography we will gain an understanding of how to create an effective image. With the practical camera skills and ideas we develop we’ll be producing a set of stunning images which will become our group artwork for the exhibition.

Session 1 – 22nd January

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Despite the snow the session got off to a good start.  We looked, listened and talked about the project and the theme of ‘changing the perspective’.  We discussed the different ways that you could get a good perspective from the same object.  We had fun using the props and then we were tied out the negative effect setting on the camera.  It makes all the colours really different and gives things a really wacky look.  Dawn – artist

“I liked this because it makes you think, how to really capture an image properly”

“I really enjoyed this because I learnt that there is a negative setting and it is awesome”

“Interesting, gives pupils much better idea of using a digital camera other than ‘family pictures’ ” – John C, Technician

“I personally found the session very interesting and thought the pupils got a lot from it including very creative pics” – Teacher

Session 2 – 5th February

photographysession2pic1bbg photographysession2pic2bbg

We began the session by looking through photographs that we had taken in the previous session.  We viewed the Images and discussed how we might improve them.  The things that we needed to think about were holding the camera steady to avoid blur, changing the camera position to fill the frame, and taking your time with your shot to make sure that you are happy with it before moving onto the next one.   We weren’t able to go outside for our session as planned, the weather was not good.  Instead we went around school in small groups to photograph some of our ideas.  Some of the groups worked on the theme of ‘forced perspective’, where you make something look bigger or smaller than it actually is. Towards the end of the session everyone worked on their scrap books, putting in photographs and annotating them.  Dawn – artist

“We really enjoyed taking the pictures, we used loads of different perspectives like worm’s eye view.  We liked using the negative effect, it makes it more creative”

Session 3 – 19th March

Today’s session was about choosing our best images for exhibition.  Quite a difficult task as there were about 70 photographs to choose from.  We decided to select images that show a ‘change in perspective’ as this was the theme of the project.  As each shot was shown, pupils voted on their favourites and wrote down why they liked it.  Lots of laughter and chuckles as images came up but we eventually settled on 25 brilliant photographs.  Our final images show ‘forced perspective’, ‘linear perspective’, ‘close up’, ‘negative effect’ and some other great camera angles.   Here are some of the pupils comments about the final images. Dawn – artist

“I like this one because it looks like someone’s head is about to be eaten”

“This picture is great, It is a shadow in the snow”

“It has a good contrast with the bright outline effect and the dark background”

“I have chosen this one because the negative effect looks really effective and it is a good angle”

“Beautiful colours and brilliant perspective – really professional”

“This picture looks really dynamic with the linear perspective and negative effect”

The pupils progress in terms of their photography skills is outstanding.  They have used their new skills to create some really special images”  A Chester – teacher

“Over the past couple of months, our pupils have been working closely with Dawn Robinson, turning photos into works of art!  They have learnt how to use the camera effectively, from taking pictures at different angles to adding effects.  The pupils have produced some fantastic pictures that would be at home in any art gallery (or my living room wall for that matter!)”  S Sweeney – teacher


A final word from staff…

“We thought the Change project was outstanding, our pupils really enjoyed the experience and progressed well. The project was a brilliant exercise for them, I only wish more of our pupils could have been involved and have had the same experience!”

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