Batley Business & Enterprise College

Project: Boys Eye View
Participants: 24 Year 7 boys
Partnering with: Batley Girls High and BBG Academy
Artist: Dawn Robinson

Changing Perspective is the theme for our project.  We are aiming to improve both our technical skills and our understanding of digital photography.  We will do this through  looking at basic camera functions, exploring the macro and flash facilities along with compositional techniques.  We will be looking at types of perspective and how to create the illusion of space and distance in a photograph whilst providing a sense of scale within the picture.  We will research and collect visual images that show a strong sense of perspective  which can be used for group discussion.  Practical camera use will allow us to experiment and try out ideas in readiness for our final session, when we will work on our best ideas and images for the exhibition.

Session 1 – 18th January

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At our first session today we began by watching a slideshow with lots of examples of different types of perspective.  The group of Year 7 boys had lots of questions about the slideshow and were eager to try out some of the ideas we had seen.  We started by looking at the buttons on the camera and learnt about the flower button which is actually called ‘macro’.  This is used when you are photographing something really close up, it keeps everything in focus.  A great session, the time went so quickly, the boys listened well and asked lots of questions. They were really imaginative and had lots of ideas.  The group will be continuing the perspective theme in normal lessons and are really enthusiastic and excited about the project.  Dawn – artist

“I have really enjoyed this session.  I have learnt about different angles of the camera which I never knew about! cannot wait for the next session!!!” 

“I learned how exciting photography is (or how exciting you can make it). I will try this kind of stuff at home”

Session 2 – 15th February

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The day had a good feel to it, blue skies greeted me when I arrived at School.  We started the session by looking at photographs taken when we went to visit Cartwright Hall in Bradford.  We then went onto review Images that the boys had captured on my first visit.  The overall theme emerging was ‘forced perspective’.  We went through each image discussing ways that we could improve them.  After reinforcing camera controls we ventured outside to recreate some of our best ideas.  The boys were very imaginative and fully immersed themselves into their photography.  Some of the boys worked on linear perspective, using benches, fences or props for the subject.  It was a great session with some really promising Images taken.  Dawn – artist

“I enjoyed this session a lot because we learnt loads about perspective and how to take pictures and make it look real – but it is an illusion”

Session 3 – 20th March

Today, we had the difficult task of selecting images for use in the exhibition.  I had already gone through all the photographs from our first two sessions and picked out the best.  There were around 60 really good shots and we had to get the selection down to around 25.
It was fun watching as each Image came up, chuckles and gasps came from the boys with recollections of how photographs were taken and what they were trying to achieve.  We finally settled on a range of photographs that show what the project was all about.  So using photography to ‘change the perspective’ the boys have produced some fantastic examples of  ‘forced & linear perspective, birds & worms eye view along with good use of the negative effect of the camera.
I was presented with a fantastic folder from the boys, full of some lovely comments, drawings and letters.  Expressions of thanks and appreciation with sketches showing some of the perspectives that we had used during the project.  “Thank you boys, It was a pleasure to be a part of this project, you should all be very proud of your achievements”  Dawn – artist

“I love the expression and the forced perspective of the picture”

“A clever photograph showing reflections”

“I like this one most as it defines our name – Boys Eye View”

“This is my favourite as it looked real and the expression is great”

“This looks like it has been painted with watercolours”


A final word from staff…

“This was an elating, exciting experience as well as immensely valuable in terms of skill development. Students were solving problems and learning to think outside the box. They were able to develop skills in visualising a concept that they wanted to represent and really learning about perspective, use of colour and digital techniques.  This gave them an insight into potential career opportunities that they may not have thought of previously.”

“We were blessed to work with Dawn.  She made the project fun and inspired our staff team to do some creative work outside of this project which has also been hugely successful. We are considering having a GCSE photography class in our options choices as the boys have enjoyed it so much… Offering photography at GCSE would widen our option choices, provide staff with a new challenge and the boys who have been part of the Change project may be the first GCSE cohort so they would see how a project can turn into a qualification and then possible further education and/or careers.”

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