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How would you like to photograph and share a small piece of your world with others? Let them have a glimpse of your day? Every day lots of things happen – some are different and exciting, some are ordinary and mundane, but all make interesting sets of photos and images and everyone’s lives are different. Why not share them with us?

Using a simple digital camera, you could take photos about your life. They could be about a single day in your life with photos taken at set intervals throughout the day – on a special occasion or just an ordinary day. You could take photos on a walk around where you live – what can you see in a 5 minute radius of your house? Or you could take photos on your way to school, work, shopping or from the bus or train. The photos could be at one minute or five minute intervals or just when you saw something interesting. How about taking photos of a single room in your house to see how it changed throughout the day – set the camera in the same position for each shot and see who comes in or out and what they leave behind! Or what about a selection of photos looking at your family, friends, home, school or leisure activities. If you’re interested in wildlife, how about photographing birds, insects or animals in you garden? There are hundreds of things to photograph so why not join in our project and take some of your own?

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