Batley Parish CE J I & N

Project: Chroma Maps
Participants: 30 Year 3 children
Partnering with: Warwick Road JI&N
Artist: Lucy Bergman

Our Mapping project will explore Change by documenting the journey to two contrasting areas of Batley – Wilton park and the town centre.  On different days we will walk to both places and document the journey along the way by collecting found object,  taking photos and thinking of ‘sensory’ words about what can we can hear, feel, see and smell.  In groups we will collect photos of colours – for example one group might photograph everything red they see.  Back at school we will look at the things we’ve collected with magnifying glasses, draw them and mark where we found them on a map.  We will also use Nature Print paper to create photographic silhouettes of our found objects. Then using the photos from both walks we’ll make a ‘colour map’ and think about how we can display the final images, words and found objects in an interesting way for the exhibition.

Session 1 – 5th February

mappingsession1pic1batleyparish mappingsession1pic2batleyparish

Although the weather was wild and snowy, we all got outside today to explore Batley town centre. We worked in small groups and each group of two or three children had a camera and a mission to collect a colour. Children searched for red, orange, yellow, pink, brown, blue,  grey, black and white in and around the town. The children enjoyed every minute capturing street signs, shops fronts, doors, traffic cones and sweet wrappers etc. The children were excited and positive despite getting cold and wet and even though their fingers were numb by the end of the day their phots were fantastic. With a little time left in the classroom at the end of the day we looked at large maps of the area and then tried drawing our various routes from home to school.  Lucy – artist

“I never thought there’d be so many things to see that I’ve never seen before”

Session 2 – 28th February

mappingsession2pic2batleyparish mappingsession2pic1batleyparish

We were blessed with a perfect blue sky and glorious light today, which ensured that our walk to and from Wilton Park was fun and relaxed. We walked through the backstreets of Batley and then along Bradford Road and upon arrival in the park split up into smaller groups to explore and hunt for colours to photograph. The children were eager to collect as many colours as they could and really enjoyed running through the trees and exploring the various parts of the park. We arrived back at school we spent our last bit of time snapping colours outside the school building and back in the classroom took a few minutes to look at a showreel of photos from our previous session. Lucy – artist

“I just keep noticing the colours of everything everywhere now. I wish I had a camera on me all the time.”

Session 3 – 18th April

mappingsession3pic1batleyparish mappingsession3pic2batleyparish

Today was a very busy session and we had to hit the ground running, as there was so much to get done! The children had taken about a thousand photographs during the previous two sessions which we divided into various colours. Each child was given a paper-mache house-shaped box and a set of photographs representing one colour. Using templates the children then carefully cut out the various shapes needed to cover the sides and edges of their house. The houses looked absolutely brilliant when finished, each one representing a colour using photographs of all the things we saw in the town centre and local park while mapping the changes between the two areas. Lucy – artist

“Wow, look at mine! I never thought I could make something so good.”

“I’ve loved it today, the houses look great, like a whole, colourful street…I wish I could take mine home today.”

DSC06355 DSC06359 DSC06358 DSC06357 DSC06356

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