Hyrstmount Junior

Project: A Journey of Art
Participants: 36 Year 5 children
Partnering with: Healey JI&N
Artist: Damian Clark

In our Change project we will be going on a journey, exploring new creative processes which will be documented in our Artists’ Journals.   Our journals will be a record which will change, evolve and grow over time. In our first session with Damian we will be creating personalised Journal covers using experiments with colour, pattern, text and collage. In the second and third sessions we will be looking at changes in Art through the ages and across cultures.  We will use this as inspiration for our own artwork to add into our journals , which will all be displayed together in the exhibition as a way of sharing our creative journeys.

Session 1 – 26th February

journalssession1pic2hyrstmount journalssession1pic1hyrstmount

Our journey begins – today we embarked on our voyage of discovery in creating our artist’s journals. We began the day by doing a number of creative experiments using powdered inks and wax crayons, called wax-resist process.  In our first experiment we used white crayons, oil pastels and candles to draw with. We covered a paper with freely expressive random marks and shapes and then brushed water over the paper to make it wet.  Now for the exciting bit!  We then sprinkled powdered inks on to the paper and all watched in amazement to see the colours bleed into each other and reveal our designs.  In our second experiment we looked at calligraphy and wrote our names in various styles, this time using coloured pastels as well as the white wax crayons and candles.   Once we had filled our sheets with writing we then applied different coloured washes of dilute inks over it to create contrasting multi-coloured fonts.  This was great fun! We all had a great time on the first stage of our journey together and will continue with covers on our next session.  Damian – artist

“I like sprinkling the ink powders, it was really fun!

“I thought it was interesting, we didn’t know what was going to happen with the colours”

Session 2 – 12th March

journalssession2pic1hyrstmount journalssession2pic2hyrstmount

This was our second session together and we were all very keen to get on building our artists journals. We began by continuing working on our journal covers. This time we focused on building up the covers using collage by adding cuttings and images to the wax-resist pictures we made in the first session.  Everyone was very busy cutting and gluing all sorts of materials onto their covers, from photographs of favourite people to fascinating fabrics and textures.  We soon had this part completed and while the covers were drying we had time to create something for inside of our journals. As the class had been studying impressionist artists recently we decided to explore how to make a Van Gogh style picture using oil pastels.  First we looked at one of his paintings examined how he made it, by looking at what colours, shapes and marks he used to make it.  We then selected a range of oil pastel colours for our pictures and each began to make marks in a Van Gogh style.  We made rich straw coloured grasses and wonderful swirling blue skies.  Everyone captured a great feel for impressionism.  This was another brilliant day on our journey, with some fabulous art being produced for both inside and outside our artists’ journals.  Damian – artist

“It was interesting and I learnt fascinating new skills”

“I liked doing the impressionist art… and I want to do it again!”

Session 3 – 19th March

journalssession3pic2hyrstmount journalssession3pic1hyrstmount

This was our last session together and today we explored making handmade scraperboard pictures.  First we looked at some examples and discussed the process we would use to make our pictures. We began by preparing our paper by folding it in half and then selecting two brightly coloured oil pastels.   On the first half of our page we used one colour and on the other half we experimented by blending two colours together. Everyone was soon very busy colouring and experimenting with their different colours combinations.  We then painted over our pastel colours with black poster paint; here we practised our painting techniques to make the brush marks smooth. We also had time to do another set of experiments, this time we used different colours and made patterns with them. After break our pictures were ready for the fun part of scraping.  In our first picture we experimented by making random shapes, some also made geometric patterns.  In our second picture we created a scene inspired by our favourite impressionist artist. Everyone had a great time creating their scraper-board pictures.  This was a brilliant last day and we made some wonderful work together.  Now over the next few weeks the class will continue on their journey and carry on creating more fantastic work in their artists’ Journals. Damian – artist

“I liked doing the experimenting and drawing with the scraper pens”

“It was fun! …. I liked rubbing the pastels on and doing the painting!”


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