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What is a journal?

A Journal is a visual diary that can be very private or can be shared with others. It might contain anything that is about the individual owners’ experiences or memory. It can be a way of exploring imagery, writing, colour and interests.

One possible approach might be to collect and arrange ephemera (tickets, receipts, paper packaging, the inside of envelopes and official stamps) that make up a day. They might mean something special to the collector or just be an attractive arrangement of colours or letters.

Another possibility would be to explore lettering and imagery about the people who have influenced that day. Different colour combinations and even sewn stitches could be incorporated into the pages.

Keeping a journal can help individuals make sense of the things around them or help to celebrate and revisit experiences. It can also be a method of exploring images and different media to inform and assist decision making and the development of ideas. It can help individuals to express their responses to the world they live in and encourage language and vocabulary.

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