Science Fair

An important feature of Change is that it creates opportunities for schools groups from different parts of Batley and Birstall to link up with each other. One way of doing this is to arrange a ‘study visit’ every year for the participating groups. The trip brings young people together who wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet, as well as giving them extra inspiration and stimulus to complement their Science and Art explorations back in school. Study visits in past years have included trips to Cartwright Hall Art Gallery in Bradford and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester – both great sources of inspiration.

The Science Fair at Batley Girls’ High School in 2016 proved such a success that we repeated it for 2017. At the beginning of April, over 300 children from 12 schools came together for a hugely exciting event, this time run across two sites and hosted jointly by Batley Girls’ and Upper Batley High Schools. Children from Years 3 to 7 enjoyed an inspiring carousel of activities provided by Science Dome, Empiribox and the two schools’ own Science Departments. Staff from Cummins Turbo Technologies came along to support the event.

Young people’s imaginations were captured in the Science Dome with an awe-inspiring virtual tour of the Solar System, and great fun was had with a range of hands-on activities in the labs. They watched explosions made with vitamin tablets, conducted their own chemical reaction tests, had a go at making balloon-powered vehicles and experimented with a Mars Lander. Science-themed goody bags were a big hit too! All in all a fabulous event full of awe and wonder – as the quotes below show – and a great opportunity for children from different schools to work together and engage creatively with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Some of the highlights…

“I saw lots of amazing things. I saw tablets explode. I went inside a dome. I also made a balloon car. This was the best experience ever. We also got goody bags with scientific toys in. The best day ever!”

“Today was amazing. The best part was everything! That’s how marvelous it was. I was just gob-smacked how, in their own time, they did that for us and other people from different places. Also I got to chat with other people from everywhere”

“I had a brilliant day, I got to try chemical reactions, make a Mars Lander and go inside a space dome. I got a goody bag too!”

“We made a balloon powered car and it was great fun”

“I liked the dome because we learned about the solar system and the 8 planets”

“I liked exploding vitamins and I am going to try it when I get home”

“The coolest thing we saw was the explosion test – it was amazing”

“We had to make a car. I finished it off and it was magnificent”

“The best experience was the DOME. I loved it! I was so excited when I was about to go inside the dome and when I did go inside I was amazed, it was like being in space”

“I went to the extraordinary dome and I was absolutely shocked by the thing about the solar system and I also learned more about science. My best thing today was when we made the balloon car”

“My favourite part of the day was setting the iron wool on fire – when we blew it the fire spread”

“The coolest thing we saw was the vitamin explosion. I liked it because it was something I have never done before”

“The Mars Lander was my favourite. We didn’t know what would happen which was really exciting”

” I learned about the solar system, galaxies, planets etc! It was very cool!”

“I enjoyed the chemical reaction in the Science Labs”

“I liked it when we went inside the space dome because it had the planets and I liked flying through space”

“It was fascinating doing the experiments and learning about things I haven’t heard of”

“I liked setting the iron wool on fire in the lab because we got to wear goggles and use equipment”

“I have had an amazing day, I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things”

Feedback from the teachers…

“The children have really loved all the activities and using the labs and equipment”

“A good celebration at the end of the Change project”

“What an amazing day – all the children were engrossed from the minute it started”

“An excellent afternoon which enhanced children’s scientific learning. Super fun!”

“Lots of exciting and practical activities”

“A lovely day where children got to experience s range of science activities in a proper lab!”