Field Lane Junior, Infant & Nursery School

Dappled Light

Science Topic: Light

Participants: Year 4

Artist: Fiona Goodwin

Cummins Buddy: Mayank Maolhotra

Inspired by light and its interplay on natural and geometric forms, we’re looking for changing qualities of light.  We’re analysing and observing how light falls, passes through things and how it behaves differently on different surfaces. There will be lots of playful experimentation and development as we look to enlarge, reduce and layer images. When light becomes dark we’ll emphasise the shadows and fill them in with different patterns, using shadows to frame things and emphasise what’s in the light.

Session 1

The room lights up with excitement and we’re ready to go. LIGHT, it fills up our day naturally and when it doesn’t we can create it artificially. We begin our creative investigation thoughtfully, looking together at images of dappled light and shadows. We think about how we can frame light and how it can be used to cast shadows, sometimes patterned. With opaque, translucent and transparent qualities in mind we split into different making groups:  How to emboss using punches and rubber mallets. We see that adding carbon paper to the mix allows us to create raised bumps, multiple images and embed shadows. We learn how to perforate using punches and riveters creating tiny holes and openings that we can pass light through onto different backdrops.  We also climb into the tent in the corner of the room for a darker space with different elevations.  How to rub patterns and embed into surfaces using relief textured fabrics, graphite and metallic surfaces. We’re recording our notes and observations as we find them in our reflective diaries and are keen to use our new creative and scientific vocabulary too.


I found the art day challenging. I liked the rubber mallet activity. We had to get a translucent piece of paper and with the mallet, we had to hit the metal bar on the paper. We hit the paper, using the mallet, and it made black marks at the back of the paper as I could see bumps later.


I liked the part when we designed the paper with holes and put it in the dark and shone the torch on the paper. I learnt that if you shine the light on a paper, it makes a shadow.