Ceramics with Ammie Flexen

Birstall Primary   Field Lane JI&N    Hyrstmount Junior    Lydgate J&I

Based in Slaithwaite where she has a studio, Ammie works with a range of materials and mediums – including drawing, creating installations and mosaics – but above all she works with clay. She enjoys sharing the surprising qualities of clay with people of all ages, through the educational and community projects she works on. She particularly likes starting by making small things and then developing them into something much bigger, by working on large-scale collaborations with groups to make artwork that everyone feels they have played a part in creating.

Ammie says that clay is about the muddiest, least shiny material to work with – except when it is changed by extreme temperatures in the kiln, which makes it really fascinating and full of surprises. She particularly likes to work with porcelain clay, because it can be used to make objects that have an almost X-ray like delicacy that light can travel gently through. 

For the workshops with her four Change groups, Ammie dreamt up lots of exciting ideas about using clay as a starting point for conducting experiments about colour, texture, and light; for exploring how clay reacts to heat; for investigating and testing things like real scientists do; and for producing some really imaginative artwork. All in all, she brought a perfect combination of skills and interests for the topics her groups chose to focus on – Properties & Changes of Materials, Working Scientifically, and Light.