Welcome to Change 2017

The Change Project is now in its sixth year. It started in 2012 with the simple aim of taking high-quality Visual Arts activities into local schools and bringing the resulting artwork together in an exhibition for school and the public to enjoy.

In 2015 we introduced a new Science focus to the project, and we built on that in 2016. This year it has got even more exciting – 14 groups, 4 artists, a fantastic partnership (for the second year running) with Cummins Turbo Technologies, and an even stronger emphasis on using the Visual Arts to inspire young people’s Science learning.

Go to About Change to find out more about the project generally. By clicking on the images below, you can find out about the artists and the different types of project that have been going on this year, and discover how artists and schools have been working together to link Art, Science, experimenting, discovering, learning and fun!

Ceramics with Ammie Flexen

Kinetic & Light Sculpture with Jim Bond

3D Construction with Craig Dyson

Mixed Media with Fiona Goodwin